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If you believe that the presence of cookies violates Your privacy, you can disable them at any time either for a specific site or for all connections from your browser.

In the Mozilla Firefox browser
Select "Options" in the “Tools” menu and next the "Privacy" tab.
The browser gives you the opportunity to indicate that you do not want to be tracked at all or just to remove individual cookies from individual sites.

In the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
Select „Internet Options” In the „Tools” menu and next the „Privacy” tab
You can adjust the overall level of privacy using a special slider or you can manage settings of individual internet services using a “Website” button.

In the Google Chrome browser
There is a menu hidden under three horizontal dashes in the upper right corner of the browser. Select "Tools" and then "Clear browsing data ...". In addition to the cleaning cookies possibility, there is also a "More information" link  which leads to a detailed description of the privacy functions of the browser.

In the Opera browser
Using the "Opera" button in the upper left corner, open the menu, select "Settings" and then "Clear browsing history ...".
In addition to the possibility of deleting cookies that have already been set, there is also a "Manage cookies ..." button leading to more advanced options for individual sites.

In the Apple Safari browser
Select "Preferences" in the “Safari” menu and next the "Privacy" tab. You will find numerous options for cookies there.

On mobile phones and other mobile devices
Each mobile phone model can manage this function in a different way. Therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy options in the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of Your mobile device.